Change is GOOD!!

Yes, I know for some people it is uncomfortable or they just don’t like change. Others embrace it. Yet, change is needed to update and make improvements. Here at HealthWorks there have been many changes, updates and improvements since January 2018. The fitness center is moving forward… making changes, updating and making improvements. We want to operate a fitness center that offers Health and Fitness options for all age groups. We are continuing to offer group exercise classes and with the addition of kids classes and strength and conditioning classes we feel we can reach a wider range of ages and fitness levels. We offer a walking track, cardio equipment, and strength training equipment. We are working to get the 24-Hour Fitness Area up and running in May 2018. We have added some pro-shop items and will continue to add to the product list. Are there going to be more changes? Yes! Businesses have to adapt, make changes and try new things. That is how you discover what works and what doesn’t and you make decisions accordingly. We are here to provide health and fitness to all ages and fitness levels in Bladen and surrounding counties. We all have a different starting point with our health and fitness. And we all have different goals and that’s okay.


Here are some of the recent changes:

  • New Logo
  • New Colors
  • New Mission Statement
  • New Membership Pricing
  • New 24-Hour Area progress
  • Equipment Moved to New 24-Hour Area
  • New Website
  • Pro-Shop Products
  • Moving Reception Area
  • Updated Aerobic Schedule starting in June 2018
  • Kids Classes

More changes ahead:

  • 24-Hour Fitness Area complete
  • Adding a Smoothie and Coffee Bar
  • Area for Strength and Conditioning Classes